Manage your print shop with confidence.

Origami is a SaaS-based print estimator and workflow automation ERP, delivering AI-powered best-priced scenario estimates.

Get automation, not just information.

  • Create Estimate

    Select multiple product types and choose materials from inventory or one-time purchase.

  • Online Order Approval

    Your customer can approve their order online and the estimate will automatically convert into and order.

  • Order Management

    Once the order is ready to begin the system will automatically begin the workflow.

  • Artwork Approval

    Artwork can be sent to the customer directly from the system. The custer can then approve or deny with explaination. All proofs are saved for version control.

  • Workflow

    Once the project has been approved, watch as it goes through the departments and shows the estimated time and material vs. the actual.

  • A.I.

    The system can automatically adjust workflow units if it sees a bottle neck in specific department. This means future estimates will have the new units added automatically.

Convert more estimates into orders.