In-Plant Print Estimating & Workflow Automation

Origami is a SaaS-based print estimator and workflow automation ERP, delivering AI-powered best-priced scenario estimates for your In-Plant Print estimates.

Simply the best solution for the In-Plant Print industry!

A simple solution, for a complex problem in In-Plant Print.

Being an in-plant printer has its challenges. The attention to detail and customer service are invaluable components of your business. Sometimes you need to get the job done and end up getting burdened with the manual process and guesswork. At times, you may need to defend your pricing, which can also cause challenges from outside printers.

With Origami, you won’t second-guess your quotes or decision-making ever again. You will be known as forward-thinking and progressive using the newest technologies to manage your daily business. You can allow your customers to see real-time and accurate information and schedules of when their project will be completed. If there is a potential delay in the due date, they will be notified immediately along with the customer service representative.

Watch all of your data at once with the help of Origami. Contact us today to set up your demo and see how we can help grow your business.